The Canton-Akron Hockey Association is a non-profit association that was established with the primary goal of promoting participation, education and interest in amateur ice hockey. The organization's goal is to provide the opportunity and means for as

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Thank you for your interest in fundraising for the Canton Akron Hockey Association. Meetings to go over fundraising are to are held at Center Ice on the 2nd Wednesday of every month from August- March. All CAHA parents and coaches are welcome to attend!

We have more teams and more registered players than we have had in recent years, which will make our fundraising efforts even more critical. 

For those who will not be able attend the fundraising meeting, please review the attached Parent Information Letter and CAHA Funds document for a flavor of what was discussed.  We are looking to recruit some sponsorship dollars over the summer months and hope our parent network can help us acheive our sponsor goals.  A reminder, the sponsor form is not attached here but can be printed from the CAHA website under Sponsor Information. 

Below are a couple of Q&A documents to summarize questions that were asked at previous meetings as well as to answer questions following the meeting regarding collection of sponsor donations.  I hope these documents are helpful.  If anyone has any additional questions, please feel free to contact me or any of the current board members for more information.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and is looking forward to getting back to the rink!  Go JETS!


Mike Furlong, Canton Akron Hockey Director 




CAHA Parent Information Letter2

CAHA Funds

CAHA Sponsor Information

CAHA Sponsor QA