The Canton-Akron Hockey Association is a non-profit association that was established with the primary goal of promoting participation, education and interest in amateur ice hockey. The organization's goal is to provide the opportunity and means for as

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This organization shall be called the Booster Club of the Canton Akron Hockey Association, Inc. (hereafter referred to as CAHA Booster Club)



The CAHA Booster Club is a non-profit 501(c) 3 Organization.

The CAHA Booster Club is organized and operated to provide the youth membership of CAHA Hockey with:

  • Promotion and development of youth hockey in the Akron-Canton regional area

  • Support for coaching and instruction of youth hockey at all levels of play for both house and travel team leagues

  • Promotion of good sportsmanship and safe, competitive play

  • Providing hardship scholarships for players in need through distribution of the Angel Fund.

  • Providing a safe and fun environment for youth hockey at Center Ice Arena with the youth’s benefit and interest in mind.


The objectives of the CAHA Booster Club include:

  • Oversight of fundraising and sponsorship activities for the CAHA Hockey organization

  • Organizational activities to enhance promotion of youth hockey at Center Ice Arena

  • Positive promotion of fair play and to provide CAHA Youth with a fun, competitive hockey team experience.

  • Assisting the CAHA Foundation and Hockey Director with recruitment, registration and tournament activities.



All Parents/Legal Guardians of rostered players participating in the CAHA Youth Travel Hockey Program are members of the CAHA Booster Club.  Membership in the CAHA Booster Club is included with registration in good standing to the CAHA Travel Hockey program, and is contingent upon active participation in CAHA fundraising and continuing adherence to all rules and regulations set forth in the CAHA Booster Bylaws.  



The business of the booster club shall be managed by the CAHA Booster Board of Directors (hereafter referred to as “board members”).  The board of directors will consist of a minimum of 5 elected officers and the appointed CAHA Hockey Director.  Each board member will have one vote.  Elected officers have voting rights at regular board meetings and include:

  • President

    • Presides at membership meetings and acts as liaison between booster organization, CAHA foundation, Center Ice rink management, CAHA coaches and CAHA Hockey Director.  

    • Ensures organizational business is conducted as planned and as required by the bylaws.

    • Uses best efforts to see that all board positions and committee positions are filled.

    • Co-Signator on CAHA bank account and approves all distribution of funds from CAHA.

  • Treasurer

    • Maintains organization’s bank account(s) and financial records, co-signator on bank account for distribution of funds.

    • Keeps itemized account and hard copies of all receipts and disbursements, pays all bills as authorized by the board or board president as allowed by the bylaws

    • Prepares financial reports to present to board members at regular board meetings

    • Recommends an annual budget to the board for approval.

  • Secretary

    • Records the proceedings of the organization and board meetings

    • Maintains mailing lists and rosters

    • Produces and distributes notices of meetings and events to members

    • Oversight of annual election process as directed by the board and these bylaws.

  • Fundraising Chair/Vice President

    • Coordinates and manages all activities relative to fundraising for CAHA Youth Hockey

    • Acts as president in the absence of the President and assists in conducting the affairs of the organization.

  • IT/Communication Chair

    • Manages the CAHA website for the Hockey Director

    • Coordinates social media communications for the board


Youth Team Representative - in addition to the elected members, each team has a representative who attends board meetings to speak on behalf of their team, however do not have voting rights. This representative may be the team manager or another appointed person.



The annual meeting of the booster club shall be held on the first Tuesday of August each year.  The purpose of this meeting is to elect board officers for the subsequent hockey season September through March.  The outgoing president or treasurer will report on the financial conditions of the booster club and any other transactions which may properly come before the meeting.



Regular board meetings shall be held at least once every other month from September through March.  All regular board meetings shall be open to the membership.  A quorum for the purpose of conducting business shall be voting members of the board of directors in attendance.  Motion for action may be recognized and/or seconded by any board member in attendance.   Each board member is entitled to one vote at regular board meetings.

Tournament requests need to be approved by the CAHA Board at a regular board meeting to avoid conflicting tournament dates.



Candidates for board positions shall be solicited by email at least one month prior to the annual meeting.  A complete list of eligible candidates shall be distributed to the voting members at least one week prior to the annual meeting.  The departing secretary along with the exiting board members shall oversee the election process to ensure fair election and proper receiving and accounting of votes.  Counting of the votes shall be completed by and at least two board members not running for re-election (if available) and/or the CAHA Hockey Director.  If a non-running board member is not available, the board may appoint a non-running outside party to assist in the vote count.

For the purposes of the annual election, only parents and guardians of registered players in good financial standing with CAHA and the Booster Club will be allowed to vote.  Each parent/guardian will have one vote with a maximum of two votes per registered player.  Parents of outgoing players will not be allowed to vote in the annual election.

In the event of a mid season vacancy of a board position, the standing board members shall solicit candidates for the open position and the board will vote on interim replacement during a regular board meeting.



There will be no restriction to term limits for board positions as these are voluntary elected positions.  All positions will be a term of one year with re-elections to be held annually.



The board of directors shall have the authority to make, amend, alter, change or appeal any provision contained in the bylaws subject, however, to reasonable notice to the membership for comment.


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