The Canton-Akron Hockey Association is a non-profit association that was established with the primary goal of promoting participation, education and interest in amateur ice hockey. The organization's goal is to provide the opportunity and means for as

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The Canton Akron Hockey Association is always looking for talented individuals to coach our youth hockey players. We want the coaches to be as prepared and educated as possible while representing our youth hockey organization.  All coaches listed on a roster must complete the following:

1. Register as a coach with USA Hockey 

2. Complete the appropriate Coaching Education Program (CEP)


  • Cost is $60.00; these can be done virtual or in person. 

  • A coach must start the CEP at level 1 and must continue his education with a coaching clinic every year until he achieves level 3. A coach may attend only one CEP per year. Once level 3 is achieved, a coach can renew level 3 every 2 years for 6 years, then must progress to level 4. Once level 4 is achieved, no further certification is necessary. 

3. Complete the Age-Specific Module for the level your coaching


  • Cost is $10.00; takes 5-6 hours to complete, all on-line

  • An ASM has no expiration date

4. Complete the Mid-American Hockey Volunteer Screening (Background Screening)

  • Cost is $30.00; takes 30 minutes; all on-line

  • Good for 2 years

5. Complete the USAH SafeSport Program 

6. Complete the Ohio Concussion Training Module

  • Free; takes 30 minutes all on-line

  • Good for 3 years